Exploring Creativity in Community

Every day. It’s magic.

Creative Gallery is the home we’ve created for sharing work by members of Our Creative Community.

Our gallery shows include non-juried contributions from our members, some complete and some in process. Some works were made by one individual and some are collaborative efforts. While each mark or word is written down by one individual hand, all the marks and words here reflect what changes when we participate together in creative community.

The works in the gallery help to give a sense of the process of work, the nature of our community, our various works in progress, collaborative creating, and the times and circumstances in which we create.

We hope the gallery can also serve as a record of how this work and this community have changed how we see ourselves.

This Year’s Show

Another orbit complete…we are clarifying and choosing, learning to see clearly what is needed…releasing, not holding tight, letting go. We are:

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