Regeneration 2021

It started with a promise.

We would give time every day to listen. Maybe 15 minutes, maybe more.

We would pick up a pencil, or sit at a piano, or go outside with a camera.

We would make something.

And we would share it with each other for 100 days.

We were committed to creating. To listening to the world as it lived through us, and transforming what we heard into something we could share.

It was February of 2020. Spanning different countries, we were unknown to each other and we also didn’t know how life would soon change — that some of us would spend a year mostly alone and some of us would spend a year almost never alone.

And while each of us began with our individual aspirations and orientations, after one hundred days, and then one hundred more, and another hundred after that, we found that making together, that creating in community, is a creation in itself.

Regeneration 2021 is the first time we are sharing our community’s work together as a collective.

It is work we have helped one another to find, to hear, to see, and to breathe magic into. It is our wish that side-by-side our work will help to breathe that same magic into the wide world. This is the purpose of our gathering.

Regeneration 2021 is a series of three shows, beginning with our first ever show, Gather.

Coming Soon:

  • Brew
  • Feast