Regeneration 2021

It started with a promise.

We would give time every day to listen. Maybe 15 minutes, maybe more.

We would pick up a pencil, or sit at a piano, or go outside with a camera.

We would make something.

And we would share it with each other for 100 days.

We formed our community from a place of curiosity. In connection with one another we were emboldened. Supported. Sparked.

Our hundred days over, we wondered: isn’t this web of connection and support a creation in itself?

What happens when we scatter to our individual purposes?

And what happens if we don’t?

What happens if we continue, spread across the globe, to ask questions, to listen to the world, to process experience through a lens of making and sharing–connected?

Regeneration 2021 is the space we’ve made to share the work of our community: individual work, the process of work, the nature of our community, works in progress, and collaborative creating.

We’ve built a culture of sharing small bits of unfinished creative work regularly, and in doing so we’ve observed how community can engender tending, a care-fullness that we extend to ourselves and our commitments, and a glad effort we undertake in witnessing and encouraging the growth of others.

And now we are curious to watch our pot, adding this next to that, to see what, in a sustained, ongoing community, might tending bring forth?

Regeneration 2021 is a series of three shows. Our first show, Gather, was the first time we had seen our individual works side by side. Our current show, Brew, shares completed works by members of our community together with works in progress, images from our first collaborative project, and a taste of how we work together to concoct a regenerative Brew.


Coming Soon:

  • Feast