We are brewing an elixir for regeneration.

We gather our various ingredients. We tend to our pot, listening and waiting. To allow time for this to mix with that.

Brew is our community’s second show. 

In our first show, Gather, we shared the individual work of our community members side by side. It was the first time we had seen the works together in this way and we were curious to see what emerged from this juxtaposition. Also, it sounded like fun to have our own gallery, a place where we could share what felt ready to share. 

For our second show, Brew, we are exploring how the individual contributions by each member are tending to something collective and transformed. As we do each day in our community, in Brew we are sharing work that is in progress and in process.

Brew invites you to engage with our community in the same way we engage with one another, through what is emerging: this includes the work of our eyes, ears, hands, hearts, mouths, lungs, and legs, together with a culture of us.

  1. We are excited to invite you
  2. to visit while we Brew, sharing with you, our guest,
  3. the elements of this community:
  4. How we speak to each other in haiku
  5. and share the sounds of the world around us
  6. How we have learned to talk in lists
  7. that often lead us down paths
  8. we were not expecting
  9. The play that these invoke
  10. and possibility reached through constraint.
  11. The words and images here
  12. without attribution
  13. are those created each day
  14. in conversation with one another
  15. where we see our work and thoughts
  16. finding new life in the work of others
  17. and realize that everything that is made
  18. is informed, touched, by everything else
  19. and that my work is to encourage your work
  20. tending to the life of our beautiful world

Gallery Rooms

The works are also viewable by genre. If you’re looking for a specific piece after visiting the gallery rooms, you’ll be able to find each piece either by genre or by looking through the list of Brew contributors.