We came together, initially, to improve in some way: to gain consistency, to learn to share our work, to grow our skill.

We found that sharing our work in progress, unpolished, helped others feel safe to do the same. And seeing the unfinished work of others helped us to feel less alone in our often solitary work, and less weird, or more happily different, for wanting to make it, for processing life in this way.

We’ve made these pieces, day by day, in connection with one another. But we’ve never before seen them sitting side by side in conversation with each other.

Gather is our first show. The first time we are bringing our collective works to speak to one another and to the world.

We hope they speak of possibility. Of a way we can be in the world that nourishes and sustains. Growing our work by growing the work. Regeneration.

In the time we’ve been together, we were curious, what words have we used most frequently in our conversations about making? They were: beginning, commitment, dreams, story. Magic, connection, process, nature. Perspective, skies, trees, color.

So we’ve arranged the work into rooms organized (loosely) around these terms. It’s an experiment. What will that be like, we wonder?

Gallery Rooms

The works are also viewable by genre. If you’re looking for a specific piece after visiting the gallery rooms, you’ll be able to find each piece either by genre or by looking through the list of contributors.