Regeneration 2021

Regeneration 2021 is a record

and a celebration of what can emerge

when we feel invited to share our questions

when we feel supported to try something in a new way

when we feel nourished by the perspective of another

when we feel safe to show our self

or to know our self for the first time

What you will see here is a gallery of works, some complete and some in process. Some works were made by one individual and some are collaborative efforts. Yet that distinction obscures the true story, for while each mark or word is written down by one individual hand, all the marks and words here reflect a year of participating together in creative community.

The works in the gallery help to give a sense of the process of work, the nature of our community, our various works in progress, collaborative creating, and the times and circumstances in which we create.

We hope the gallery can also serve as a record of how this work and this community have changed how we see ourselves.

How we have been regenerated.

How we are strengthened to engender regeneration.

Regeneration 2021 is a series of three shows. Our first show, Gather, was the first time we had seen our individual works side by side. Our second show, Brew, shared completed works by members of our community together with works in progress, images from our first collaborative project, and a taste of how we work together.

Our third show is Feast.

Here we are, gathered together around a giant wooden table, autumn leaves, pinecones and pumpkins, berries, apples, nature’s bounty scavenged from forests, lawns, fields. The candles are glowing. There are enough chairs, and if not, we’ll put two together and three can squeeze. The glasses reflect the candlelight. You have brought a dish. A gift to nourish yourself and the rest of us. We have each brought something we treasure, and more than enough stories to share. We will nourish and be nourished. We will support and be supported. We will listen and find many ears listening.

Here we have all made the choice: this moment is a celebration. We celebrate that in the midst of everything, whatever is, that we are here, and that we are together. We elevate this moment, paying attention to what we can share, what is, what is no longer, what might be. We notice, we let go, we imagine. We hold past, present and future in our mind with thankfulness.

And from here, we go out into the world to share what we have found together.


If you’re looking for a specific piece after visiting the gallery rooms, you’ll be able to find each piece either by genre or by looking through the list of contributors (Brew, Gather, Feast).