I Have Just Begun

  1. I want to stand in your day
  2. Awake.
  3. Serenaded with your song.
  4. Abloom
  5. I open
  6. Gently
  7. Hungry
  8. For light that can dance and twirl, reminds me
  9. Contrast has wings and can fly, does fly, so I can see
  10. Beauty
  11. Circumambulating this ground.
  12. Morning prayers uplifted and green spread out. I welcome each one.
  13. And in doing so, I breathe
  14. I have already lit the candle
  15. Already bowed my head
  16. Touched my head to your ground
  17. Sipped from what flows beneath
  18. Tasted with my body everything holy
  19. Began speaking in tongue spontaneous prayer.
  20. Only to say, I have just begun.