The Planets Are Having a Party

The planets are having a party
in Aquarius.  
My 5th house of  
creative expression
erotic energy  

The Sun is there
Jupiter and Saturn
Mercury (in retrograde)  
and the Moon.    

All gathering for abundance
and blessings. 

Venus and Jupiter conjunct 
with the arrival of
the new moon.

The planets of
love and wisdom
union and blessing.

An initiation for my
creative expression.

I yearn to join the party
To create without reservation.  

What would it feel like
to belong
to my creative process?

It might feel like words
that flow  

without caring about
imaginary meanings 
in other people’s minds.

The freedom
of being vulnerable
without fear of being 

It might feel like
the ability to breathe
with ease 
instead of choking
on words 
that wish to emerge. 

What will it take 
for me to champion 
my own creative 

To feel the same
comfort in joy
that I feel in fear? 

I burn with desire  
to skip among the poppies
to frolic with the fairies 
to twirl paint ribbons
and make silly messes. 

I hear the music
the sounds of laughter
in my house of 
creative expression.

The planets are having a party  
and I long to join them.