Verde Que Te Quiero Verde

[Green. I love you green]

Green is the colour of our fourth chakra. The heart chakra, Anahata. I always wondered why green, and looking for an answer I found it in green herbs and leafy-hearted plants. They are, for me, the touch of care in any pot, in any soup, in any salad…

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a conversation between Orland Bishop and Charles Eisenstein, talking about the heart as the place where compassion, empathy, and even our thoughts begin. That didn’t surprise me, what did surprise me was when Charles questioned the function of the heart as a pump of sorts. 

That is exactly what I studied at school, what many of us has always pictured: a valve. 

The way he re-framed this set-on-stone believe was incredibly loving. What if our heart is a receptor, where our blood brings all the information that gathers from the body and from outside??? 

My imagination run free…  A dressed  up in red host opening the door to a gathering of millions of cells dancing, flowing to an Alice-in-wonderland table, everyone bringing dishes of all colours, everyone chatting about the world happening outside, their own paths and encounters. About past, present and futures. The host, as the hunter-gatherers, welcoming with open arms, inviting. Making room for everyone to stay for a little while, then guiding them to continue their journey forward. Renewed with the shared energy they will continue their pilgrimage, praying their host for his/her hospitality and spreading the word to the rest of the body.  

What if… Those words would arrive to our brains and then, following that same energy, our mouth would make the sounds, our hands would write the symbols that everyone, no matter what language, understood. 

The ancient mother language of love.