Work Flow

The last sign of the zodiac
The final stop in the cycle
It contains a little bit of everything
that came before it

Swimming in the waters
of emotions
sometimes a flood
of tears

This is the home
of my moon
my body and
my 6th house
of health, work, rituals and routines, and

This is how I do

the systems and the structures
from my travels
through the wheel of life
experiences and education
in all the realms
examining, exploring
what works for me
what to keep
what to compost

Alchemizing what I hold
to create
my own way

This process
is not linear
it is a flow
that moves in the rhythm
of the original time
no beginning and
no end
it never finishes
yet is always complete

As I travel
I gather and store
discard and restore
doing what works
for me
in my flow
it no longer works
and then
I move on
to the next place
the next sign
the next house
where I learn something new

Things long ago discarded
often come back around
each in its season

An evolving experiment
expanding wisdom
and potential

Taking a little bit of
to make a thing
that becomes
my thing
then sharing
with community
to make it
our thing.