“If the core of man’s spirit is fueled by new experiences, why do so many people do the same things over and over… day in and day out?” asked the Muse of Many Questions.

“There’s comfort in predictability?” Thalia scratched an itchy welt she picked up while picking berries.

“What was your favorite part of pizza at the farm?” asked Cal.

“Impossible question.” Urania shook her head in annoyance.

“Favorite partssssss?” Calliope drew out the sound of “s” like she meant it.

“The pizza and music were good… especially the wood fired crust and cover songs,” said Urania.

“I liked scratching the cow’s nose and seeing a chicken roost on the back of a golden retriever. Can you imagine Henrietta in a pen of fowl?” Thalia’s attention to her bug bites was making them itch more instead of less. 

“Well… I… enjoyed our short conversation with the man at the beverage tap. His smile was bright and genuine — and when Typist asked him if this was his farm — he beamed when he told her, I’m a full time farmhand and live with the family,” said Cal.

“I’m grateful Typist took us… predictability is fine and good… but adventure feeds a hungry muse in the most delectable way.”