Looking Back at You

Rarely does art come to life. LOOKING BACK AT YOU provides one of those rare instances to have a silent conversation with images.

LOOKING BACK AT YOU explores the commercially based voyeuristic and objectification of women who were central to the fashion advertising industry over the past 50 years. What were once broad sheet black and white magazine ads have been transformed into highly personalized images through a layered approach to creating images with a voice.

The women represent many eras and yet their stories are much the same, their lives are left on the printed page and seem to speak to you saying, “listen to me, please look at me for who I am, not what you see.”

The observer is able to see beyond the face, the body and perceived image into the intentionality that the transfer process creates. 

The original black and white images scream, “look at her” while the final image transfers go deeper into their eyes and quietly ask, “look at me.” 

This exhibit is 27 individual canvases (8×10”) mounted on three separate panels is built upon her circular art model that recycles images and materials, blending them with contemporary approaches to layering various papers on canvas through transfer techniques with muted acrylics.