All that I’ve cultivated and tended to
all these years has come back
to serve me
All the word-food I’ve eaten in the past
twenty years has been digested
integrated and assimilated into
my astral marrow into
my bones blood skin hair nails teeth
ground into base spiritual substance
that comes through me like sorcery now
I still read write speak
make magic everyday
I mean a girl’s gotta eat, right

I’m asking please
when this particular piece
comes back to me
let it be
beyond my wildest dreams
Orchestration synchronization and rendezvous are
none of my business so
I’m just going to be over here
doing my thing
not waiting
that is all thank you

I realize I’m living
parallel lives
superimposed upon myself
Cooking meals
washing dishes
doing laundry and
spinning out multi-verses
and word-worlds daily