Alison Coates, Artist Bio

Alison Coates ~ filmmaker, writer and explorer of possibilities ~ creates short, intimate, films through her practice of seeing and hearing people without judgement, in a peaceful, yet powerful space, of trust and warmth.

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Amanda Judd, Artist Bio

Amanda Judd is a mixed media artist who delights in combining words, images and sound. Fascinated by creative process, she allows each mark to lead her somewhere and reveal meaning. The way water shapes rocks and wind leaves evidence of...

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Anya Toomre, Artist Bio

The world is a fascinating place, full of details, nuance, stories and the unusual. My work – drawings and textiles - are slices of time, views that have caught my fancy. By noticing and sharing, we never know where we might go.

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Kathy Karn, Artist Bio

As a visual storyteller I connect to people, culture and wildlife through my images and stories. I hope my work touches and inspires people to care about each other and our planet. I believe we are all connected, nature and...

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Rachel Uwa, Artist Bio

Rachel Uwa is an artist, educator, and director of School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, an independent school based in Berlin, Germany, hovering at the intersection of art, technology, design, and human connection.

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Renée Fishman, Artist Bio

Intentionally creative. Relentlessly curious. I explore the world through a multitude of modalities and all realms of being. Writing, singing, speaking, stand-up comedy, flying trapeze, trampoline, yoga, scrapbooking, photography...

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Sana Fayyaz, Artist Bio

Sana Fayyaz, a Creative who loves being a student of life, enjoys the beauty of a beginner’s mind. She took root in the crowded streets of Pakistan, sprouted in the concrete jungles of New York and bloomed in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

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Tommy Gilboy, Artist Bio

Three pieces here: one is a page at of dailies submitted variously by the apocryphal O’Shaughnessy brothers. Another piece is the home page for featuring The Periodic Table of the Elephants....

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Zigalet, Artist Bio

Zigalet is a Spanish composer for screen and producer of electronic music. She creates emotional electronic music with a danceable twist and cinematic melodies… plus a hint of latin flavor.

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